Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review

"One Rainy Day" Review

By: Tammi Salzano
Illustrator: Hannah Wood
Genre: Classic Concepts
Age Range: 2-5 years
Format: Board Book with Padded Cover and
Foil Stamping
Pages: 24

I actually Won this book for "DD" on the "Tiger Tales" Blog site back in March! Tiger Tales is a Children's Book Publisher whom I come to Love! Their books are Wonderful and for Children of all ages! Tiger Tales Publishing are very generous and always seem to be having giveaways! They are a small company run by mothers who actually care about what our kids read and really seem to care about their customers opinions! They love hearing feedback on their books, which is why I wanted to Review this book! After learning about Tiger Tales, I came to find out that I actually own several books for "DD" that are published by them! I'm sure you do too without realizing it! Some of our Favorite books are actually Published by Tiger Tales, and our new book "One Rainy Day" has become an instant favorite of "DD's"!

"One Rainy Day" is an adorable, padded covered board book featuring a little Duck who Loves rainy days! The story goes on to show the little duck having fun in the rain, by splashing in the puddles, wearing red boots and using an orange umbrella! Discovering pink worms that come out in the rain and playing with white boats in the big puddles! And after the rain is gone, the little duck is greeted by a beautiful Rainbow. The perfect ending to an exciting day in the rain!

The book is just too cute. I absolutely Love the illustrations, the vibrant colors and I especially like the silver foiled-stamped raindrops! I thought that was a very nice touch and really makes the book unique along with the padded cover. My daughter absolutely loves this book and is definitely one of her favorites! She is constantly pulling off her book shelf and bringing it to me to read to her! She adores the little duck and enjoys looking at the colors! One feature about this book I especially like, is that it teaches colors as well! Every item that is talked about in the book has a color! This book is very durable as well. I really like the board books for younger children because they can fully enjoy these books without having to worry about damaging them. My daughter is actually really gentle with her books thankfully, but I know there are plenty of kids out there who tend to be a little rougher with them (not intentionally), but its just their nature until they can handle books better. So I'm happy to say that this book will last for a long time and definitely will last through my next kids as well. We have had this book for 4 months now after constant use, it has held up wonderfully! It has its normal wear on the spine, but looks brand new other than that which has surprised me considering how often its pulled out and read.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone! This is one of many wonderful books for young children learning about books and how to read! Plus, like I mentioned, it teaches colors and exploration as well! This book is recommended for children 2-5 years, but my daughter has been enjoying this book since she was 1 year old! I feel its definitely appropriate for children under 2, even though they may not understand all the words, they will still enjoy looking at the pictures and learning colors! Children are never to young to start enjoying books and this is an excellent beginners book! You can check it out Here!

**So what are you waiting for?? Go check out Tiger Tales Publishing and discover their large selection of Childrens books! You can find the link to their Blog on their website Here and you can also find them on Facebook Here!

This is not a paid review. I received this Book as a prize at no cost to me, from Tiger Tales Publishing, by entering a giveaway on the Tiger Tales Blog.  I wrote this review on my own accord. The opinions are mine and are not influenced in any manner by monetary means.


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