Friday, July 15, 2011

I Want To Win This!

 Stork Craft Manufacturing- "Soom Soom" Toddler Bed!!!

I will be in the market for a Toddler Bed very soon! I am currently using a Convertible Crib for "DD" (Darling Daughter), and its great. I got it with the intent to actually take advantage of the "Convertible" feature and continue to use it for her for years to come since it turns into a Toddler bed, by removing the front and adding the side rail, and then later on, it can convert into a "Full" size bed.

Well, we plan on expanding our family within the year, and I thought it be be easy enough to get "DD" a Toddler Bed and just use the crib for our next baby. Convertible Cribs are awesome, but they are also very expensive. I got lucky and got a great deal on mine as a used one from someone I know, but they are big and take up a lot of room. I learned of this Giveaway from one of the Blogs I visit often, and decided to look around at some different ones online, and read some reviews. I started to really like the idea of having a Toddler bed for DD. They are big enough to fit her size for several years, but don't take up much space which is great, for we all know how much kids love to play in their own room and I feel they should have plenty of space for that.

I looked a MANY toddler beds from numerous manufactures but there were so many discouraging reviews where people had problems with the beds breaking in numerous places, some of which broke in the same places and the manufactures never issued a recall. So I kept coming back to a brand that I have come to really admire. "Stork Craft Manufacturing-Juvenile Furniture"  is a great company. They make Quality products that are also stylish and for very reasonable prices too. Features that are very important to me, and they really seem to care what their customers think about their products. They want to ensure safe, quality products! I have been following them on Facebook for a while now, and I love the relationship they have with their fans. They are happy to answer any question you might have as well as help with any problems. They are also very generous and always seem to be hosting giveaways. I also love that they give Bloggers the opportunity to have the Giveaways!

Stork Craft is having a Giveaway for one of their "Soom Soom" Toddler beds at one of my Favorite Blogs "Mom Spotted"!! This is my second time trying to win this Giveaway and you can go enter too if you would like! You can check out the Giveaway on Mom Spotted's Blog here:
There are many chances to win with all the Entry options! But don't forget to do the Mandatory entry first before the extras if you decide to enter. 

You can also check out Stork Craft if your interested in their wonderful products! They not only have Toddler Beds, they also carry Cribs, Gliders and more! Don't forget, you can follow them on Facebook too!

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  1. Bummmmmmeeerrr....I didn't win..again! Oh well, maybe next time! :(


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