Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just wanted to share a quick note:
As you know, my Blog is brand new! And I am working hard to get it going in the direction I want. Its no easy task starting from the ground up on my own. But I'm really enjoying the Blogging experience. I'm trying to make my Blog easily accessible to everyone and am trying to find a design that works best. I'm a little frustrated with the template I'm using right now and the design. I don't like how cramped everything feels. Finding a Free design I like has been challenging and this is as close to finding something I like as I can get for now.

Looks like I am going to have to purchase a design if I want get what I'm looking for. Please bear with me during any changes to the site. Luckily I can get this all out of the way before my Blog really takes off. Its easier to move stuff around when I don't have much content. If you ever have an idea, or opinion about my Blog that you think could improve it, please feel free to share with me! I'm happy to hear what others have to say and I want my Blog to be a place where people feel happy and comfortable.

Thanks for Listening!



  1. Hi I'm a new follower from TAT! I love your blog layout!! Did you end up paying someone to design it or is this the free one you liked? Either way, I love it - especially the thanks for visiting door. :o)

    I'm about to go follow you on twitter... I'm @4loveofcupcakes

  2. Thank you so much for following Jamie!
    And no, I actually found the design for free on a site! Haven't found a design I'm completely happy with yet, still looking and will probably have to pay for one.

    It took me forever to finally find a design I liked, but I'm still not completely happy with it. I want a 3 column design and the creator of this one isn't working on anymore right now. This was only available in the 2 column.

    Everything Else on the side I did myself! I'm pretty good with computers/HTML and photoshop. So I just worked with tid-bits of things I found for free on other blog design sites etc..and I'm glad you like the thanks for visiting door! I LOVE it too! Really happy I found it. I like to have a few things different from the average blog! LOL! Still working on making my site to my liking, but I'm happy if everyone else is happy with it! :-D

    Anyway, thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around for more fun! And Thanks for following on Twitter! I always follow back! :)

  3. Hi, I just started following your blog. I found this giveaway and thought you might be interested. She is giving away a custom blog header.

  4. I love your colors...the bird..the garden gate. I can tell you are working hard at it!

  5. Thank you Carrie!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting, it means a lot to me! I was hoping you would get a chance to! :)


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