Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! (w/Linky)

Firstly, I want to Apologize, it seems my WW's are not very Short (But Definitely Sweet!!)
I take too many pictures of my "DD" and I Love to Share them every week! 
I could definitely tone it down, but this Blog is not only to share with you, but for my Family as well, and they don't get to see us that often. So I hope you enjoy all my pictures! It doesn't look like Wordless Wednesdays are going to be minimal in the least!
"DD" Is too much fun not to Share!

**Oh Ya...And Today "DD" Is Exactly 17 Months Old!!
WOW Time Flies...

(CLICK To Enlarge)

Can't Decide!

Its FALL! And We are LOVING the Leaves!

Best Friends, Hanging out as Usual...

Checking it out! Leaves are her New Favorite Obsession!

NOBODY Does a Better Pirate Face!
New Favorite Toy...Scarecrow from Previous Years finally Expired!

Playing with the other Kitty!

Not Feeling Good! First time in a LONG time she has Slept on me like that.. Poor Baby.
Feeling Better I Guess!

AND!! I have a few more pictures I wanted to Share with you guys this week.
A Second WW for my Nature Photo's, teaser for my Photo Blog which I haven't had time to put together YET!! But coming soon...Go Here!!

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AND: Have a Wonderful rest of the Week!

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  1. She is SOOO cute. I wanted to follow but did not see a link...?

  2. That's one busy little bee! Love the kitty cat :)

  3. Meryl: Thanks for wanting to follow!
    My Google Friend Connect (GFC) is on the right sidebar, directly above the Facebook "Like" doesn't always appear, so if you can Reload the page until it does, then you can follow me! Thank you! :)

    Thanks Aleksandra! She is SUCH a Busy girl, keeps me on my toes 24/7 LOL!

  4. Aww! So adorable!!! I am a new follower :)

  5. Thanks for joining my linky. Your little one is so adorable, all the best and I will stop by next week to link up as well.

  6. Super sweet photos of your angel.

  7. Nothing wrong with photo overload. I'm the master at it. lol. Thanks for sharing your sweet pics for WW!

  8. Would love it if you would link up your pics with my photo swap party going on right now!!


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