Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Crafts!

Here is an Easy Fall Craft I Love to do each year!
I used to use small little fake leaves, but then I found these Amazing, Large Felt Leaves at Rite Aid marked 50% off!
Each pack had 10 for .99 cents! Whoo!
So I separated them by each kind and laid them out.

Then I take some Fishing Line and cut to the length of my Window pane.
I found the easiest way to make this work, is to clip the line to a high place, such as the cord on my ceiling fan. I used a piece of Kleenex as padding in order to hold the line in place under the clip so it won't slip out.
I then tie a simple knot around the leaf stems and I pick and choose which colors I want to use.
I like to keep it mixed up to look as natural as I can.

I used a reusable "Poster Tack" to hang them with over my window.
The poster tack has been wonderful for so many crafts I have done over the years. 
It holds strong and I have been re-using the same pack for years and years! 
Plus it peels off easily and clean.

And then Hang! I really like how the Bigger leaves Look compared to my previous ones.
I Love how they look in the evening light as well. It really brings out Fall for me.
This is such an easy Craft that doesn't take much time to do and anyone can do it, including the kids!
AND it turns out SO PRETTY! 

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