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Review of Dandelion Products!

I have been Reviewing Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods, for the last few weeks!
I am so thankful to have been able to Review so many wonderful, Organic and Earth Friendly products lately, and Dandelion Products definitely don't disappoint!
Dandelion is an Extremely generous company and sent us several toys for "DD" to Review!

First, let me tell you a little bit about Dandelion!
Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods, is a new division of Re-Think It, Inc., a family owned, family-focused company owned by Craig & Amy Shumway, starting in 1987 and they have been developing new ideas and fresh creations ever since!
Dandelion understands parents needs and concerns for their children and work hard to develop products that are not only Eco-conscious, but Safe in all aspects for our children.
You can read more "About" Dandelion HERE.
And Also check out their "FAQ" page to read more about their products and what type of materials they use such as the corn they use inside their plush toys and that their Natural Tableware is made of corn as well!
Plus, their products do Not contain BPA, PVC or Phthalates.
Go HERE to learn more!

Dandelion Products have also been Featured in Several very popular Baby and Parenting Magazines!
Most of which I read including:
Parenting Magazine, Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Newborn, Fit Pregnancy, American Baby...and those are just the ones I read! They are featured in many more and you can check it out HERE.
They have the issues of each magazine and the article the product was featured in. Easy to read, just one click! Its so fun to check it out and see their products being praised as some of the safest, eco-friendly, must have's for Parents and Babies!

 Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods are also Proud Contributors of the "1% for the Planet" Organization. As a member, they are contributing one percent of revenues directly to any of the approved non-profit environmental organizations in the 1%’s network. The "1% for the Planet" is helping to tilt the scales of giving toward the thousands of under-funded nonprofits dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability, to preserving and restoring our natural environment.

Dandelion is contributing to several Organizations through the "1% for the Planet" including:
Ocean Conservancy, Nature Conservancy,  
Feeding America, (Carbon Free),
and The Million Tree Challenge!
*To Read More about Dandelion's contributions and about these Organizations, go HERE.

also Supports the Following Organizations
 Organic Trade Association, Natural Products Association and,The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA).
(To Read More go HERE)


*Ok, now for my Reviews!
We were so lucky to Review several Toys from Dandelion and the first one I want to share with you is their 10 inch Plush Giraffe from their "Bamboo Zoo" Collection.
I immediately knew "DD" would fall in Love with this little guy the minute I saw it on Dandelion's website! Its so cute with its soft colors and silky soft fabric! The pictures really don't do it justice and its the same for all their products. When I received him in the mail and opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised how nice he was! I could instantly tell from the moment I saw it and picked it up, that it was made of high quality materials, which isn't always expected with products that are made from Organic and natural materials for some reason. But honestly, I was shocked how well made this Toy was! And not to mention how Incredibly soft, silky and luxurious it felt. The Giraffe is so cute and has a nice silky "sheen" to its body.

As soon as I let "DD" have the Giraffe, she immediately fell in Love and snuggled with it while also exploring all his features and spots on his back. She wouldn't let it go for several hours and carried it around the house with her and even took it outside with her, which surprised me because she doesn't usually take her indoor toys outside with her. She has many outside toys that tend to stay out there, she enjoys playing with. It was blatantly apparent that "DD" was instantly attached to this little guy and that made me very happy. She has a few other favorite plush and dolls. BUT there is only one other doll that she favors and carries around the house with her. So her reaction to the giraffe was very good needless to say. AND the biggest shocker.....she actually brought him to bed with her!! She hasn't done that before with any of her other plush or dolls, except the one other doll that is her favorite and has brought that to bed a couple times. But Giraffe is a regular bedtime buddy now!
The only thing I would improve about the Giraffe, is how top-heavy he is. He can't sit up very well, because of his shape and falls forward on his face. Thankfully, its not an issue for us because "DD" just loves to carry him around with her and snuggle.

So, needless to say, I was very happy with the Plush and extremely happy that "DD" found a new friend, who is not only Eco-Friendly, but safe from toxins or other harmful materials which is important, especially since she is carrying him around with her all the time and sleeping with it as well. Oh, and did I mention, he is perfect for Road Trips too! The Giraffe has gone with us on a Couple very long trips now and has been perfect for "DD" to hold and snuggle with in her carseat. He is the perfect size and I just can't get over how Cuddly he is.


*Next, we Reviewed the Dandelion, Little House Sorter!
This is part of their:
"Pink & Organic Doll Collection" and a portion of the proceeds from Dandelions Pink line will Support Breast Cancer Research!

I really think their Pink Collection is so Cute and I was so happy that "DD" got to Review the Little House Sorter. The House is made of soft, Organic material and filled with soft Corn fibers! Its perfect for little hands to Grasp and Explore. The House comes with Four shapes to Shake, Squeeze, Crinkle & Sort! I Love how soft the house and the shapes are, and some of the shapes make the "Crinkle" sound and texture which is great for keeping "DD" entertained and interested. She really enjoys playing with the Shape Sorter and spends a lot of time with it, putting the shapes through their holes and removing them again. But I did notice one downside to this House Sorter. The House is very soft and doesn't have much structure to it, which makes it somewhat difficult to put some of the Shapes through their holes that are on the sides, because all the items are cloth material and soft, squishy, it can be difficult, but its mostly the Triangle shape that is difficult. "DD" doesn't have any problems putting the other shapes through their holes, so for the most part, its pretty easy and not that big of a deal.

I think the only thing I would improve about it, would be to make the walls a little sturdier/solid some how, so that it makes putting the shapes through their holes a little easier instead of struggling with the wall caving in. Despite that though, "DD" still has a lot of fun and really enjoys this toy!

But I Do love that this item is Machine Washable along with the other items I reviewed!
Another couple things I loved about the House Sorter, were the adorable designs sewn into the house and the cute colors and different textures! I especially love the handle on top of the house, because it makes it easy to carry around..and "DD" loves to carry it around with her!
I would definitely Recommend this Toy to everyone! I was actually really surprised how much "DD" enjoyed playing with this and she keeps coming back to it over and over again to play with. I Love it because this is a Great Organic Developmental Toy that is constantly teaching her Shapes, Sorting, Different Textures and Colors!


*And Lastly, we Reviewed the Dandelion:
"Organic 12 inch Plush Turtle"!
I fell in Love with this Little guy too as soon as I saw it! Absolutely Adorable, and you won't know it until you see it in person and touch it, that he is extremely super soft and squishy! His shell feels like a pillow and the spots are a soft material as well. I couldn't stop cuddling him at first, but it was ok because "DD" was too interested in her Giraffe and House Sorter to notice! He has many different textures and materials and is fun to touch!

The Turtle is made the same as the other toys, from Organic cotton fibers and filled with soft corn fibers. And  I know what your thinking...CORN??? How could that possibly be soft and cuddly? Well, I don't think I have ever seen/touched or even heard of toys being filled with soft corn fibers, I might have, but I'm not sure. All I know is, these are probably the Softest Toys I have ever felt before and extremely smooth and squishable! Not Lumpy like other cotton filled Plush Toys. I always love picking up and cuddling these Plush Toys, as much as "DD" does!

"DD" honestly doesn't play with the Plush Turtle as much as I thought she would though. I think its just that "DD" has her heart fixed on the Giraffe! She does really enjoy playing with the Turtle, but it is bigger and wider than the Giraffe and I think she likes Plush Toys that she can Grasp easily and carry around with her. I think she probably feels the Turtle is too cumbersome to Carry with her, but I think she will love it as she gets older and can have imaginary play with it. I do wish I had the Turtle when "DD" was a little younger and still in the Crawling stage. The Turtle would be perfect for that age because he can be right there, down on the ground with them at eye level and is perfect for little hands to grasp and play with!

I'm so Thankful to have been introduced to such a Wonderful Company as Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods!
They really are a Great Company, who actually cares about their products and customers. Not only do they care about us, they also care about other important things such as all the Organizations they Contribute to and Support!

You can Find Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods on Facebook and Twitter!
AND their Blog HERE!

Dandelion Carries an Array of Products,
not just Toys!
AND they make GREAT Gifts for New Mothers or Holidays! 
Go check out Dandelion's:
Tableware, Layette (Onsies, Bibs, Blankets), Teethers, Totes and they even have HOLIDAY Toys available right now for Halloween and Christmas! Really Cute!
You can Also View their Online Catalog HERE.

You can View Larger Images of their Products HERE.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I received these products to Review at no cost to me, from Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods Company. The opinions are mine and are not influenced in any manner by monetary means.

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