Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! {w/Linky}

I haven't been able to do Wordless Wednesday in a couple weeks!
So here are some of my favorites I've taken lately:

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  1. So cute! My daughter loved those stacking discs too!

  2. I'm new to your blog... found you on Hobo Mama's linky and am now a follower on GFC. These pictures are so cute, and Sweet Pea is adorable! I especially like the one of her trying to carry the broom AND the ball. Baby T does that a lot. He was walking around the dollar store the other day with practically the whole store in his hands.

  3. We have that stacking bowl set, though they don't play with it very much.
    I love the shot of her carrying the ball and broom, great angle. And I also love the peeking through the fence shot. So cute
    Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me

  4. Those bowls look like they're a lot of fun! I'm now following you on GFC as well! :-) -Christine @ Why We Love Green

  5. Newest Follower (#228 I think) from Wordless Wednesday blog Hop, but your blog name makes me want to cry as my daddy was the only one to call me sweetpea! :)

    Linked Up, thanks for hosting. Is the Widget difficult to install? I've been considering hosting a WW on my blog as well, but was afraid to mess with too much coding and stuff!


    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  6. Cuties! I like the peeping through the fence shot :)

  7. That picture of the sweet baby looking through the peak hole in the fence is way cute...OF COURSE THEY ALL ARE! I look forward to following!


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