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My name is Heather, 26 and I am a Stay At Home Mom to my beautiful Daughter, who will be called "Sweet Pea" or "DD" (Darling Daughter) for the purposes of this Blog. I don't quite feel comfortable using her real name yet, though many other "Mom" blogs use their Children's names. It's just personal preference I suppose.

I'm Married to my Wonderful Husband "DH" (Darling Husband). We have been together for 5 years now and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with each other. We hope to expand our family again very soon and aren't exactly sure how many children we would like to have just yet. We will see as time goes by, but I know I absolutely LOVE being a Mother and really love being home with my daughter.

We Live in California in a Very Rural community in full of Ranchers and "good old boys". Where men still open the door for a lady and where you can find "Real" men who work hard and do what it takes to provide for their family (like my DH). Where everyone pretty much knows everyone, and we all wave to each other in passing on the road, even if you Don't know each other, your treated like old friends. We have it all out here! The Beautiful Mountains, the High Desert, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Horseback Riding, and so much more! Its pretty much Cowboys and Indians out here. We have a couple Indian Reservations here. And lots of culture to explore. Native American chipping grounds, where they used to chip the obsidian to make their spears and arrowheads, and there are petroglyphs all over the place and old Homesteads from the Settlers! I Love where we live. I am a country girl at heart and couldn't live without my mountains! I grew up in a bigger town with surrounding cities there were lots of aspects about it that I hated. I'm glad to be out in the country away from it. Though I admit, I DO miss In-and-Out Burger, Pizza Hut and Target once in a while! But my parents still live there, so I get to indulge when I go visit! LOL!
Oh, I guess I forgot to mention...ya..Rural....there isn't much out here and definitely no fast food, but you have everything you need to live comfortably, happy and healthy and after all, the nearest cities aren't that far away.

Oh, and before I became a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), I was a Deputy Sheriff here for 4 years! I really enjoyed my job and had a passion for it, but becoming a Mother and a Stay at Home Mom meant more to me than the exciting career I had started. But at least I can say that I fulfilled both my passions in life and I am as satisfied as I can be with the time I had as a Deputy. My Husband was a Deputy here as well for almost 9 years! He recently got a new job and we will be moving soon, but luckily its only a Hop, Skip and Jump away from here, so we will still be living the good old country life!

I have been following Blogs for a while now, and I am very excited to finally be starting my own! I'm glad I have been able to read other blogs and get some experience in the Blogging world. Its made making my own Blog much easier, knowing how things are laid out on the site, and the types of things people are interested in. I'm excited to share my own experiences with motherhood and my other interests that I think everyone will enjoy.

Speaking of interests, here is what I hope to be Blogging about, to give you an idea: Baby, Kids, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding (Which I'm PROUD to say I'm still BF my 15 month old daughter) Being a Stay at Home Mom, Couponing!! Sharing Deals, Crafts, Art, Photography (amateur, just my own picture taking, but I like what I do) Cooking, Baking, Making my OWN Baby Food, Gardening veggies and flowers, A little bit of Hunting thrown in there (Big game and upland birds), and Lots of other things!!
Oh, and I will Definitely be Hosting Reviews and Giveaways!! One of the many GREAT things about Blogs these days, is the opportunity to be "PR" friendly and try out some new and exciting products! And being able to host a Giveaway is even better! I think its such a great way to reward your readers for following and supporting what your writing about.

Thanks for Visiting! I hope you stay and have fun with us!

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If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them!
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